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Word On The Tee

There have been a lot of new things happening over at Glass Hill Golf Club! First the Board of Directors would like to welcome Sara Salvatore as the newly elected President as well as Wink Doolittle, Tom Latus, Steve Smith, James Kempney, Angela Mercurio and Tyler Mann. Thank you also to Amanda Dembrow as she stays on as the board's Vice President along with Bob Crowther, Chris Nash and Chris Salvatore continuing service on the board!

There have been some updates and changes made to the course website and Facebook page so be sure to check them out to stay up to date with announcements, events and other course info.

If you haven't signed up for the Member-Guest Tournament on July 16th time is running out! The sign up sheet is in the club house! There are a bunch of new hole sponsors for this years outing as well as some other great things that we are hoping encourage all of our guests to join our beautiful course!

We have had a donation of membership cards and bag tag holders that should be arriving soon. An announcement will be made when they arrive so you can make arrangements to receive yours!

Lastly thank you to our grounds superintendent, Chris Symula and his crew for making Glass Hill a beautifully maintained course!


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