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Rules of Play for Members

A member must play or be present with each group of guests, whereas ; each member may have a maximum of three guests.

Dependent's Policy

Any current dependent with membership under an existing Family or Couples Glass Hill golf Club, Inc. dues paying plan, upon reaching an independent status (no longer eligible to be claimed on corresponding member’s income tax return), may apply for membership during the calendar year (through December), for a period not to exceed one year from the year of their individual emancipation.  See example below. *


Upon application by the dependent, accompanied by the applicable Application Fee, and acceptance by the Board of Directors, the applicant’s name will be placed at the beginning of the existing Waiting List.  When availability under the membership cap includes the applicant’s request for membership, the applicant may accept, or if choosing to decline will automatically be placed at the end of the existing Waiting List.  The applicant may choose at any time to be removed from the Waiting List resulting in a full refund of the Application Fee.


The Board of Directors in adherence to this policy reserves the right, under it’s sole discretion as the decision making body of Glass Hill Golf Club, Inc to consider any special or unusual request by an existing or proposed member that may fall under the scope of this policy.


*  For example, a child playing under an existing family membership graduates from college in 2023.  That child may continue to play under the family membership plan for the 2023 season(still a dependent), but if interested in a membership at Glass Hill, must apply within one year of their emancipation, or in the example by the end of 2024 (one year grace period) for consideration of club membership in 2025.  In order to enjoy continuous playing membership the individual must apply in the year of emancipation, or in this example, during the 2023 season for consideration in 2024.

MARCH 17, 2003

Membership Cap

The membership cap of Glass Hill Golf Course, Inc. currently stands at two hundred and forty three (310) memberships.

Outing Fee Policy

The $25.00 application fee that is submitted with the form (request for outing)  for the use of the course and/or facilities will be refunded, provided the clean up of the course and /or facilities is status quo per the Superintendent.  There is also a $100 deposit required.  This deposit becomes non-refundable within 30 days of the event.  


FEBRUARY 17, 2003 / FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Urgent / Emergency Situations

A.        Definitions:

            1.   A condition or situation that prevents play.

            2.   A condition or situation that threatens or endangers the well-being of Club employees and/or members and guest.


B.        Notification process; re: the Superintendent or other personal aware of the urgent/emergency situation will notify the President.


C.        Response process, The Superintendent to be notified by the President who then will evaluates and implements damage control to prevent further           deterioration of the saturation and if necessary posts warnings and erect barriers.


C.        Procedure describing authorization of emergency expenditures for the timely implementation of corrective measures.


NOTE: In the event that outside contractors are needed, they shall be required to provide the Club with a Bill of Particulars describing:

* What they intend to accomplish

* A timeline for implementation

* A final accounting of exactly what was accomplished

* Certificate of Insurance

Any and all agreement(s) in writing between the Club and contractor(s) shall be signed and dated by officers of both parties.


Should it be deemed necessary to implement the bid process, linkage must be established with the Bid Process Policy to ensure compliance with that policy.          


AUGUST 20, 2001

Senior Men's League Policy

Thursday Morning Senior Men’s League will start the first

Thursday of May, at 9:00 o’clock, with a maximum of forty-eight (48) members .  Play for the league is limited to nine holes with the format to be decided by the members.  Vacancies to filled only if necessary with non-members .


MARCH 18, 2002


The testing of the  water at Glass Hill Golf Course will be done bi-annually.   The testing of the water will take place prior to the opening of the club in April, and the second will take place in mid- July.


OCTOBER 15, 2001

Expenditure Policy

That any expenditure other than purchase of repairs of equipment, that is estimated to exceed $8,000 (eight thousand dollars), must be by bid procedure.

JULY 16, 2001

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